Marianne Williamson Jumps Back Into Race

Marianne Williamson Jumps Back Into Race

( – California self-help author Marianne Williamson has jumped back into the Democratic primary race just weeks after making her exit. Saying in her announcement that American voters are currently watching “a car crash in slow motion,” Williamson “unsuspended” her campaign. She had announced her withdrawal from the White House race three weeks earlier, saying sunsets prove that endings “are beautiful too.”

She did not, however, initially leave the race without criticizing the internal machinery of the Democratic Party, which she claimed was “forcing a lid over the will of the people,” according to The Hill. Williamson accused the party of engaging in censorship, erasure, and manipulation. She claimed the party knows who it wants as candidates and doesn’t allow outsiders to break through.

Polls throughout her campaign showed Ms. Williamson far behind President Biden, and lack of support caused her to pull back. In announcing her re-entry, she said the race is unimportant; responding to what she sees as a political crisis in Washington is her priority.

Running to the left of President Biden, Williamson initially hoped she would pick up the left-leaning vote that is unhappy with the current Democratic establishment. Her policies include clearing student debt, tackling economic anxiety with guaranteed living wage, Medicare for all, and a free university education. She also supports paying reparations to black people and ending the war on drugs.

Regarding immigration, Williamson said she is not arguing for open borders but for open hearts, and for Americans to stand against the “dehumanization” of immigrants. She also promises to deal with gun violence and believes children go to school every day hoping not to be shot. Economically, Ms. Williamson believes a system without feelings is dangerous. Arguing that the economy should be run “like a family,” she calls for more principle in economic affairs.

Responding to criticism that she’s “delusional,” Williamson argued that what’s really delusional is the hope that Biden can defeat the “juggernaut of dark, dark vision.”

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