Laura Lynch Passes Away at 65

Laura Lynch Passes Away at 65

( – Laura Lynch, known for her time with The Chicks, formerly The Dixie Chicks, was killed in a car accident on December 22.

The head-on collision occurred in El Paso, Texas. The vehicle that hit Lynch’s car was reportedly attempting to pass a slower driver while traveling west. The other driver was injured but is expected to survive. The 65-year-old singer’s death was confirmed by The Texas Department of Public Safety and her brother, Michael Lynch. Video footage showed her F-150 completely mangled on the side of the road. An investigation is underway.

Her former group, now dubbed “The Chicks,” expressed their shock and sadness over Lynch’s death via Instagram. They attributed the group’s early success to Lynch’s “infectious energy.” The band’s name was changed in 2020 after the rise of BLM and arguments that “dixie” has ties to slavery.

The group also suffered backlash from some people after criticizing George W. Bush in 2003, saying they were “embarrassed” to be from the same state as him. They faced similar backlash a few months later after criticizing fellow country star Toby Keith.

The Chicks notably refused to apologize for the criticisms despite the backlash from fans and the industry. They have since supported a number of liberal causes and Democrat candidates.

Lynch was one of the five women who founded “The Dixie Chicks” in 1989. She was later replaced by Natalie Maines after the group failed to garner support outside of Texas and Nashville. Lynch later said that she had no regrets about leaving the band.

NFL tight end Travis Kelce also reacted to Lynch’s death. He credited her for leaving a lasting legacy in the music industry via Instagram.

Lynch later worked for the Southwestern Medical Center as a PR office. The center is owned by the University of Texas and located in Dallas. She also enjoyed oil painting.

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