King Charles Has Cancer, Announcement Reveals

King Charles Has Cancer, Announcement Reveals

( – The United Kingdom’s King Charles III has been diagnosed with cancer. A statement from Buckingham Palace in London confirmed the diagnosis but did not specify where the cancer was located or what treatment the King would undergo. The statement did say, however, that the diagnosis comes following the King’s hospitalization at a private London facility for a routine prostate procedure.

The Palace’s statement said, “During the King’s recent hospital procedure for benign prostate enlargement, a separate issue of concern was noted.” It added that King Charles would undergo a “schedule of regular treatments” and would temporarily step back from public duties but continue with affairs of State. It concluded that he is optimistic about his treatment and looks forward to returning to regular duties as soon as possible.

King Charles III rose to the British throne last April, following the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, the previous year. Queen Elizabeth served for over 70 years, the longest term of any British Monarch, meaning that her oldest son, Charles, was 73 when he became King. His son, Prince William, is next in line, and should Charles abdicate due to illness, William will immediately become King.

There are no signs, however, that Charles intends to abdicate. Polls show that Prince William is more popular than the King, and with the recent abdication of Denmark’s Queen Margarethe, speculation about Charles’ abdication was voiced in the UK media, with many citizens expressing a preference for Prince William and his popular wife, Catherine, Princess of Wales.

The throne passes to the oldest child of the Monarch, and following Prince William is his son Prince George, his daughter, Princess Charlotte, and his youngest son, Prince Louis. Fifth in line is Prince Harry, whose marriage to American actress Meghan Markle has significantly reduced his popularity. This worsened when the couple accused the Royal family of racism during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have both sent their best wishes to King Charles.

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