Kim Jong-un Says Unifying With South Korea Is Impossible

Kim Jong-un Says Unifying With South Korea Is Impossible

( – North Korea authoritarian leader Kim Jong-un recently said that unifying the two nations is “no longer possible” after decades of discussions.

The statement was made as Kim was addressing the supreme people’s assembly, the isolated nation’s version of a parliament. He accused the south of attempting a stealthy unification strategy. He also called for a change in North Korea’s constitution to label its southern neighbor as the nation’s “number one hostile state.”

The chilling decision comes as North Korean intelligence firm 38 North warns that the country is actively gearing up for war. They pointed to the successful launch of a solid fuel missile and increased relations with Russia and China, among other concerning actions, as a basis for their conclusion. North Korea has provided Russia with armaments for its fight against Ukraine. Some of those analysts also believe that the new classification of its southern neighbor could be used as an excuse for a nuclear conflict.

The nation also abruptly terminated all three government agencies dedicated to maintaining relations with the South. State-run KCNA news station also claimed that the two nations were already at war and said they were entering a period of “acute confrontation.”

South Korean president Yoo Suk Yeol responded quickly to the announcement. He accused the North of being “anti-national” and condemned recent missile tests, according to The Guardian. He also warned that a provocation in the peninsula would be met with significant retaliation.

Kim claimed that his nation would “decimate” the South in a war and warned that it would lead to a defeat of the United States. He said the nation would then be reclaimed as part of North Korean territory. Robert Carlin, a former state department official, and Seigfried Hecker, a nuclear scientist, warned that tensions in the region are more dangerous than they have been since the Korean War in the 1950s, according to a 38 North report.

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