Juror Says She Was Offered Money To Vote for Acquittal in Fraud Trial

Juror Says She Was Offered Money To Vote for Acquittal in Fraud Trial

(RepublicanView.org) – A federal juror alleged she was offered money to deliver a not guilty vote in a fraud trial. The proceedings related to a scheme to steal $40 million from a government program intended to feed children during the 2020 health emergency. Eighteen people have so far pleaded guilty to the plot, and the cash scandal occurred during a combined trial involving seven defendants. The 23-year-old juror contacted police when a woman arrived at her father-in-law’s home with a bag containing $120,000 in cash, promising further payment if the juror agreed to vote to acquit the defendants.

The Spring Lake Park Police Department seized the bag of $20 and $50 notes, which were presented to the juror one day before closing arguments were due. The juror is not suspected of wrongdoing.

Minnesota authorities have detained all seven defendants and seized their cell phones in an attempt to link one of them with the attempted bribery. The juror in question was quickly removed from the case and US District Judge Nancy Bresel questioned the remaining 17, but all reported they had not been approached. The Judge decided to sequester them regardless, saying she had not done it lightly.

A second juror was removed the following day when Judge Bresel discovered she had spoken to her family to inform them of the sequester. During the conversation, a family member asked if it was as a result of the bribe. The juror reported her discussion to the court and was substituted as a precaution.

The accused allegedly siphoned funds from the $250 million food program to buy luxury items, including houses and cars. Among the defendants is Aimee Bock, founder of the Feeding our Future group, who maintains her innocence.

The FBI is investigating the juror bribery allegation, and a spokesperson said the agency would not comment further.

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