Judge Shoots Down Hunter Biden’s Attempts To Dismiss Charges

Judge Shoots Down Hunter Biden's Attempts To Dismiss Charges

(RepublicanView.org) – Mark Scarsi, a Trump-appointed federal judge serving in California, has denied attempts by the president’s son, Hunter Biden, to have charges against him dropped.

Biden is facing nine counts related to taxes, three of which are felony charges. The details of the cases against him are detailed in a 56-page report filed in a Los Angeles court.

The report details multiple accounts of Biden allegedly failing to file and pay taxes. They also show that he may have submitted a false return and evaded attempts to assess his taxes. It also accuses him of living a lavish lifestyle while refusing to pay taxes, saying that he spent millions on luxury items, drugs, and prostitutes.

The charges were initially filed by David Weiss, a special counsel appointed by former president Donald Trump. He also served in Delaware as a US attorney. His office said that if convicted, Biden could possibly face a 17 year prison sentence. It’s also claiming that he refused to pay a total of $1.4 million in taxes from 2016-2019.

However, Abbe Lowell, Biden’s lawyer, claimed in a 2023 statement that no charges would have been brought against his client if his “last name was anything other than Biden.” Lowell also claimed that he requested a meeting with Weiss, only to have his request publicized in response. He then noted that Biden has since paid off his tax debt. Weiss has accused Biden’s defense of spreading conspiracy theories.

The ruling shoots down over eight months’ worth of appeals filed by Biden. His legal team attempted to have charges dismissed on grounds that they were motivated by politics. He is scheduled to appear in court on June 20 to begin his trial.

The president’s son is also facing felony charges related to gun possession.

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