Indictments Issued in Assassination of Haitian Leader

Indictments Issued in Assassination of Haitian Leader

( – Almost 50 suspects have been indicted following an investigation into the 2021 assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse. The investigation report indicts the President’s widow, Martine Moïse, former Prime Minister Claude Joseph, and ex-police chief Léon Charles, who faces the most serious charges, including murder and attempted murder.

The report suggests a widespread conspiracy to murder Mr. Moïse involving senior and high-profile figures, including his wife, Presidential Security Chief John Joseph, and Windelle Coq, a former Senator. Joseph Vincent, an ex-Drug Enforcement Administration informer, and an American pastor named Christian Emmanuel Sanon are among 11 suspects to face trial in the United States for the killing.

US Prosecutors say the plot to kill Mr. Moïse was hatched in Haiti and Florida, and the attack was carried out at the Presidential palace on July 6, 2021 when armed men burst in and began shooting. His wife, who was present at the time of the attack, said that she found her husband dead when the assault subsided. The 122-page indictment report, however, noted what it called “contradictions” in her subsequent statements that “discredit her.”

Mrs. Moïse took to social media following the report’s publication, saying she had endured “never-ending persecution” and denied the allegations against her. Evidence suggesting her involvement includes a statement from the then-secretary general at Haiti’s National Palace, Lyonel Valbrun. Mr. Valburn testified that Mrs. Moïse removed objects from the palace immediately before the murder, indicating that she knew what was coming. Furthermore, he said she told him the same day that the President had “done nothing” for the country.

The shootings are believed to have been carried out by Colombian mercenaries who broke into the President’s home and shot him 12 times. Mrs. Moïse was also hit but sustained only superficial injuries. The US Justice Department claims guilty parties met in April 2021 to discuss regime change and support for Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who saw himself as Mr. Moïse’s God-appointed successor.

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