Hundreds Reportedly Sent To Hospital After Subway Accident

Hundreds Reportedly Sent To Hospital After Subway Accident

( – More than 100 people suffered broken bones, while more than 500 overall were injured during a subway accident in Beijing. Heavy snow fall near the Chinese capital caused a train to slip and smash into one in front. The China Daily reported that a “signal degradation” caused one of the trains to brake suddenly and the one behind was unable to stop on time.

Two carriages became detached and images posted to social media showed passengers frantically hitting windows with emergency hammers as they became trapped in the carriages. Power was out and they were left waiting in darkness for help to arrive.

Chinese media reports that over 500 people were taken to hospital and 423 were released the following day. Around 100 had broken bones, but there were no deaths or life-changing injuries.

The accident happened on an above-ground portion of the subway close to the Changping station in the capital where snowfall has prompted transport warnings from city officials. Some schools and transport links have been closed due to an unusual weather pattern across China, which experienced one of its hottest-ever Octobers, followed by an unusually cold winter.

In the north of the country, near-record low temperatures were recorded in mid-December, causing the closure of airports in the Guangzhou province. Forecasters had predicted mild weather in November so the surprise sub-zero temperatures have prompted President Xi Jinping to announce an emergency response.

According to meteorologists, China experienced a year of bizarre weather in 2023, with a summer of record-breaking heatwaves. This year, temperatures in the capital Beijing reached 41.8 degrees centigrade, and in Xinxiang, they were even higher at 52.2 degrees. The extreme heat prompted agricultural concerns including an increased susceptibility to disease and pests.

In July, the capital Beijing saw both its second-highest temperatures and its heaviest single rainfall since records began in 1883. The Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management said 147 people died in weather-related incidents that month.

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