GOP Member Jim Jordan Subpoenas Fani Willis

GOP Member Jim Jordan Subpoenas Fani Willis

( – The House Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC, has issued a subpoena for documents related to spending by Fulton County Prosecutor Fani Willis amid allegations that she misused public funds in Georgia. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan said he wants to see accounts and receipts for Willis’s expenditure, including from federal funds such as the Department of Justice’s Office Programs, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, and Office of Community Oriented Policing Service.

Ms. Willis responded in a statement and specifically mentioned allegations that she sacked a whistleblower, whom she described as a “holdover employee from the previous administration who was terminated for cause.” Willis insists that any federal spending is done with the cooperation of the Department of Justice and in compliance with all of its requirements.

The subpoena follows several previously unsuccessful attempts by the House Committee to obtain the documents from the attorney – the committee issued similar requests in August, September, and December last year.

Ms. Willis is accused of a “frivolous” expenditure from a $488,000 federal grant aimed at helping at-risk young people. She also faces separate allegations that she used public funds to purchase legal help from a man she was intimately involved with, and that those funds paid for lavish vacations for the pair.

The prosecutor allegedly hired Nathan Wade to help with her prosecution of former President Donald Trump, and he received $650,000 for his assistance. Furthermore, Wade reportedly met with White House counsel before the indictment was issued against the former President.

In the latest revelations surrounding Willis and Wade, unsealed divorce documents related to Wade state that he hid his earnings from his wife of 26 years to avoid having to give half to her. The alleged affair was exposed when Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman, filed documents saying Willis was compromised by a conflict of interest and called for them both to be dismissed.

Willis has said she and Mr. Wade are the victims of racism.

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