Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Charged in Additional Deaths

Gilgo Beach Murder Suspect Charged in Additional Deaths

( – New York prosecutors have charged suspected serial killer Rex Heuermann with two more murders, taking the total to six. The new charges relate to the deaths of Sandra Costilla in 1993 and Jessica Taylor in 2003. In a Long Island court in June, Heuermann pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in both cases and was remanded without bail to continue his more than year-long wait to stand trial.

Jessica Taylor’s case dates back to 2003 when a dog walker discovered her remains in Manorville, Long Island. Forensic examination identified the victim even though some body parts were missing – these were located in 2011 less than a mile from where other alleged Heuermann victims were found.

Searches of the suspect’s home and records showed he was in the area when Taylor vanished, and a witness description of a vehicle seen near where Taylor’s remains were found matched one purchased by the suspect in 2002. Investigators found that Heuermann read media accounts about the witness report and then sought to change his car and delete the searches from his computer. Finally, a hair found on the dead woman’s body is a DNA match for Rex Heuermann.

Sandra Costilla’s body was found in 1993, also on Long Island, and hairs lifted from her remains were likewise a DNA match for Heuermann. Separate hair was matched to that of a woman who lived with the suspect at the time, but she is not under police suspicion.

At a press conference on Long Island, District Attorney Raymond Tierney said investigations would continue indefinitely. Separate reports indicate that Heuermann has links to South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, and Nevada – all states with unsolved crimes exhibiting a similar modus operandi.

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