George Santos Gets Snarky After Special Election GOP Loss

George Santos Gets Snarky After Special Election GOP Loss

( – Disgraced former Republican George Santos trashed his former colleagues via social media after Republican Mazi Pilip lost his House seat to Democrat Tom Suozzi in a special election.

Santos was expelled from Congress in December 2023 after being charged with 23 counts of corruption, including fraud and identity theft. Campaign funds were also allegedly misused in purchasing cosmetic treatments and subscriptions to explicit websites. Many of his purchases were allegedly paid for with stolen credit cards from his donors. He served less than a year in office representing the 3rd congressional district in New York.

The post Santos published to X (formerly Twitter) shows a picture of representatives Anthony D-Esposito (R-NY) and Nick LaLota (R-NY). The caption blames them for the loss that shrunk the GOP’s majority in the House, which is already razor-thin. LaLota introduced the resolution to have Santos expelled, saying that he lacked morals and personal accountability after the indictments were publicized. He also said that Santos belonged in prison.

Santos later published a post accusing local GOP groups of finger-pointing and called them both “useless” in their efforts to maintain the congressional seat. He also referenced the GOP’s lost seat with a post that simply read “-1.”

Santos is scheduled to go on trial in September. He appeared in a federal court on January 23 to attend a status conference and told reporters that he misses working in Congress. He is pleading “not guilty” to every charge.

The timing should allow enough time to negotiate a plea deal ahead of another proceeding in August. Legal teams on both sides have expressed a willingness in discussing a potential plea. They also discussed a list of witnesses and how they’ll schedule motions. They have not confirmed whether plea deal talks are already underway.

According to POLITICO, Santos said shortly after the indictments that he didn’t handle the finances and claimed that he can prove his innocence. He also said at that time that he is not willing to negotiate a plea deal. He could spend decades in prison and hefty fines if convicted of all counts.

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