Former Musician Arrested in Connection To Girlfriend’s Death

Former Musician Arrested in Connection To Girlfriend's Death

( – A former rock musician has been arrested in California after authorities found evidence of foul play in his girlfriend’s death.

Theobald “Theo” Lengyel, the 54-year-old former singer of rock group “Mr. Bungle,” was apprehended on January 2 after police discovered the remains of his missing girlfriend in a nearby forest. He is currently facing a first-degree murder charge.

His girlfriend, 61-year-old Alice “Alyx” Kamakaokalani Herrmann, went missing on December 3rd near Santa Cruz, CA. Herrmann, who worked as a software engineer, was reported as missing on December 12. Officers with Capitola Police Department believed foul play was a factor soon after and suspected Lengyel of wrongdoing before her body was discovered.

Investigators suspected Lengyel after Herrmann’s car was found in front of his house in El Cerrito, CA. They also noted that Lengyel refused to cooperate with authorities and took a road trip to Portland, OR, shortly after he was questioned.

He was on the trip when Herrmann’s car was found in front of his house. No details have been released about his reason for driving to Portland.

Herrmann’s remains were eventually found in Tilden Regional Park, a recreation area in Berkeley, CA. The park is only a few miles from Lengyel’s home. No details have been released on the cause of her death. They also have not released details on a possible motive for the homicide.

Lengyel was a founding member of the band Mr. Bungle. He played multiple instruments during his roughly 11-year tenure with the group, ranging from the mid-80s to the mid-90s. He was known professionally as “Mylo Stone.”

The band resumed playing and touring in 2019. Trevor Dunn, a bassist for the band, said that he hasn’t spoken with Lengyel since he left the band, apparently because he was angry with its direction. He did not attend the band’s reunions or any other events related to the group after his departure.

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