Firefighters Found Dead After Vanishing

Firefighters Found Dead After Vanishing

( – Two Georgia firefighters were recently found dead in Tennessee over a week after they vanished. They had reportedly been in a relationship and broke up before they went missing.

Police in Hinesville verified the bodies of 24-year-old Chandler Kuhbander and his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Raegan Anderson, about 450 miles away from their homes. Both worked for Liberty County Fire Services and were found in a vehicle owned by Anderson.

The two had reportedly just ended a seven-year “toxic” relationship, according to Kuhbander’s mother. However, she also noted that Anderson had a hard time accepting the fact that their relationship had ended. Kuhbander told his mother that Anderson was calling him repeatedly after the breakup. Anderson also allegedly threatened to commit suicide several times.

In one incident, she allegedly scratched Kuhbander’s car with a key while he was on a date with another woman on June 23 at an Olive Garden in Pooler, GA. The incident reportedly occurred after she walked inside to confront him. She was arrested for damaging his car but was released on bond. Police charged her with criminal damage in the second-degree and disorderly conduct. She said she was afraid the arrest would cost her her job. The pair had been dating since high school.

The next day, security footage showed that she was walking around the parking lot of a gym while he was working out. Kuhbander had already expressed plans to attend his little sister’s birthday party after. However, he never showed and was never heard from again. His mother believes he was forced into his vehicle under “duress” despite noting that he appeared normal while walking to his car and did not appear to be rushed.

Police discovered the door to Anderson’s home unlocked after the two disappeared. They also found a note in which she expressed her desire to harm herself but did not release further details.

Police have not released details about the scene or possible circumstances leading to their deaths. However, autopsies will be performed on both to confirm the cause of death.

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