Fetterman Enlists George Santos To Troll Bob Menendez

Fetterman Enlists George Santos To Troll Bob Menendez

(RepublicanView.org) – Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman hired Republican Rep. George Santos to record a “cameo” video for embattled fellow Democrat Bob Menendez. The cameo process involves paying a well-known public figure to record personalized video clips for a named recipient. New York Rep. George Santos sells such clips at $200 each.

Fetterman employed Santos to record a video for “Bobby from Jersey” and to offer “some encouragement given his substantial legal problems.” In the clip, Mr. Santos tells “Bobby from Jersey” to stand his ground and not get bogged down by “all the haters out there.”

Both Senator Menendez and Rep. Santos are accused of ethical misconduct, and Fetterman said the “ethically challenged” Mr. Menendez could probably use the advice of “seasoned expert” Mr. Santos.

Federal prosecutors indicted New Jersey Senator Menendez in October, accusing him of using his influence to benefit Egypt’s government in exchange for cash. Menendez and his wife were also indicted a month earlier for accepting “hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes,” according to legal documents. Prosecutors said the bribes included gold bars, mortgage payments, and luxury cars, but Menendez has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

Rep. Santos admitted to telling outlandish lies during his election campaign last year and has been subject to numerous ethical and legal investigations. Both Santos and Menendez have faced repeated calls to resign from lawmakers on both sides of the political divide, and on December 1, New York Republican Santos was expelled from the House of Representatives by a vote of 311 to 114. Federal prosecutors have charged Santos with 23 offenses, but he has yet to stand trial.

When John Fetterman posted the video clip of Santos speaking to Menendez on Twitter, he was met with near-universal praise. Comments included “World class trolling,” “John – give your public relations team a raise,” and “Rapidly becoming one of my favorite senators. Bravo.” Some, however, were not impressed, and one even scolded Mr. Fetterman for paying $200 to Santos.

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