Ex-GOP Rep Tosses Bid for Senate

Ex-GOP Rep Tosses Bid for Senate

(RepublicanView.org) – Peter Meijer, who previously served as a Republican representative for Michigan, has announced the end of his campaign for Senate ahead of the 2024 elections.

Meijer said in a statement that his decision came after “prayerful consideration.” He called his eight month campaign “exploratory” after expressing concerns for struggling American families. He thanked supporters but said campaign races have changed fundamentally ahead of pulling himself from the primaries. He believed his continued efforts would deepen political divides.

Meijer had been trailing behind other candidates in several polls released ahead of his decision to withdraw. Competition was fierce, and his chances were already considered slim. He said he joined the race initially because he thought he had the best chance of winning the November election and “right[ing] this ship.”

Meijer has faced hurdles within his own party for voting to have former President Donald Trump impeached. He lost the Republican primary in 2022, becoming the second Republican to lose after breaking from Trump. Former Representative Tom Rice (R-SC) was the first. Both men lost to candidates who were endorsed by Trump. Meijer said that his decision to vote against Trump was met with death threats. However, he also said that he was grateful to have stood by his principles despite losing the primaries.

He faced backlash from the GOP after announcing his decision to run for Senate. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) said he wasn’t a “viable” candidate and instead threw their support behind Mike Rogers, who also previously served as a House representative. Meijer accused them of supporting someone who will simply play along with the establishment’s agenda.

Trump celebrated Meijer’s withdrawal via a post on Truth Social. He also congratulated Rogers by calling him a “great candidate.”

Meijer hasn’t discussed his future plans. However, he is set to inherit a large grocery store chain with several locations throughout the Midwest. He previously served in Iraq as a reserve officer for the Army. He promised that his future efforts would focus on supporting economic freedom.

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