Ex-CNN Anchor Launches Campaign for Congress

Ex-CNN Anchor Launches Campaign for Congress

(RepublicanView.org) – John Avlon, who previously worked as a news anchor for CNN, announced his campaign to run for the 1st congressional district in New York as a Democrat on February 21.

In his announcement, Avlon said he is running to help maintain democracy, which he claims is “in danger.” He hopes to develop a coalition to fight against Donald Trump’s White House bid. He also referred to Trump’s supporters as “minions” and claimed they are no longer interested in solving problems.

Avlon left CNN only two weeks before announcing his campaign. He spent about 12 years with the network. He also previously founded “No Labels,” a self-proclaimed nonpartisan organization that promotes centrism in American politics. His resumé also includes working with the Daily Beast and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Avlon will be running against several Democrat candidates hoping to replace Republican Nick LaLota as he finishes his first term. A representative of LaLota’s campaign responded to the announcement by calling Avlon “a Manhattan elitist” who’s out of touch with the district he wants to represent. LaLota only has a summer home in the district he’s running for. LaLota’s victory in 2022 played an important role in helping Republicans regain their House majority.

Savannah Viar, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, said she and her organization are excited about litigating his past, according to The Hill.

House Republicans recently lost a seat in New York to a Democrat after a special election to replace former representative George Santos. He was ousted from the House less than a year after taking office for scandals largely related to financial fraud. Tom Suozzi won the election against Republican Mazi Pilip. Suozzi had originally retired from Congress to run for governor of New York. He lost that election.

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