DeSantis Appointees Reach Agreement With Disney

DeSantis Reaches Agreement With Disney

( – Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s appointees have reached an agreement with Walt Disney Company over its proposed $17 billion extension of the Walt Disney World theme park.

DeSantis and Disney have been in a feud that began two years ago after the governor passed an education law slammed by critics as the “don’t say gay” law. The legislation aimed to restrict instruction about orientation and gender identity for students grade three and up, though the law has since been expanded to cover all grades. Disney pushed back heavily against the law after it was signed.

Disney condemned DeSantis and the law in early 2022, with employees even holding a protest. That Spring, DeSantis signed legislation to take away Disney’s self-governance privileges in the state. Disney claimed the move came in retaliation for its campaign against the governor and vowed to appeal. A judge threw out the appeal earlier this year, saying that whether or not it was retaliation didn’t matter.

However, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District, full of DeSantis appointees, cleared Disney to begin the massive expansion of its park. The work may continue for the next 15 years without government interference.

The agreement requires Disney to spend at least $8 billion on the new park, although the company has already set aside $17 billion. It must also invest in projects dedicated to affordable housing and promote a “buy local initiative.” That means at least half of the funds spent building the new park must be paid to contractors in Florida. Disney has now agreed to put an end to its legal actions against DeSantis.

Disney also said that it would resume its political donations within the state. They were halted after the feud began. One of its first donations recently was a set of free tickets given to Democrat State Senator Geraldine F. Thompson.

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