Convict Recaptured After Allegedly Escaping Texas Prison

Convict Recaptured After Escaping Texas Prison

( – A Texas criminal was recaptured 11 hours after allegedly escaping from prison on Sunday, June 23. Officials from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said guards discovered the convict was missing during an evening headcount. They said Kidanny Robles, serving 20 years for burglary and robbery, walked away from the prison’s external housing that is used to accommodate low-level offenders. Police reportedly tracked him down hours later and just three miles away. He now faces felony escape charges.

The 33-year-old previously breached parole rules, which sent him back to the Clemens Unit in Angleton last year after being released in 2021. During his recapture last weekend, Robles suffered a gunshot wound when he allegedly refused to obey police orders. One officer shot him in the arm, but he received immediate medical treatment.

Prison escapes in the US aren’t uncommon, but experts say few of these are high-profile cases. Nevertheless, hardened criminals occasionally escape, including in the high-profile case of Danelo Cavalcante last year.

Cavalcante reportedly escaped from Chester County Prison in Pennsylvania in September and was captured after two weeks on the run. Convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, the killer was considered a public threat, and police appealed to his mother to help find him. She subsequently participated in a media appeal urging her son to turn himself in.

Iracema Cavalcante later told reporters that her son had no choice but to kill his girlfriend, who she claimed had stifled him. She also said he was better off dead than in prison for the rest of his life.

Deborah Brandao’s murder occurred in April 2021, and a jury heard that Cavalcante stabbed her more than 40 times in front of her young children. He is also accused of a brutal murder in his native Brazil over the death of Válter Júnior Moreira dos Reis in Figueirópoli, who reportedly owed him some money but had failed to pay up.

Police said his rough upbringing in Brazil taught him how to survive unseen for weeks in Pennsylvania.

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