Consumer Advocacy Group Goes After Kristi Noem

Consumer Advocacy Group Goes After Kristi Noem

( – Travelers United, a consumer advocacy group operating in the travel industry, is suing Republican North Dakota Governor Kristi Noem after she posted a video on X discussing the work of a dentist in Texas.

The group is claiming that Noem violated consumer protection laws in Washington, DC by posting the video as an advertisement without disclosing its nature as an ad. In it, Noem praises the treatment she received from Smile Texas in restoring her teeth. She said the dental work was necessary after having an accident while biking years back. She lost her front teeth in the incident.

The video, nearly five minutes in length, detailed the appearance of her teeth before the procedure and after while praising the kindness of the dentists she worked with. Noem said she chose the practice after studying its work and called it “the best.” She also clearly identified herself as a governor who became the dentist’s patient.

Travelers United claims in its lawsuit that Noem benefited from the treatment both in terms of her health and likely in terms of finances. They said she probably received a discount or compensation for the video. Since she is both a politician and social media influencer, that, the group claims, is grounds for violating consumer protection laws. However, they did not provide proof of any financial compensation, whether in the form of a discount or payment.

The lawsuit noted the fact that Smile Texas reshared her video on their social media accounts, claiming it serves as proof that it was an unclassified ad. The practice also promotes itself as a medical tourism destination on its website.

Noem also posted a video that promoted another local brand in North Dakota just two days after the lawsuit was filed. She claimed that insoles from “FitMyFeet” would enhance her ability to run. However, that video also wasn’t labeled as an ad. No announcements have been made on whether she may face a lawsuit over that video.

Democrat State Senator Reynold Nesiba is also calling for an investigation.

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