Congress Halts Contempt Plans for Hunter Biden

Congress Halts Contempt Plans for Hunter Biden

( – Multiple Republican-led House committees began preparing new subpoenas against Hunter Biden recently after the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees greenlit resolutions for him to be held in contempt of Congress. According to AP News, Republicans were set to advance the resolution on whether to hold Biden in contempt this week, but those plans appear to have halted.

Jim Jordan (R-OH), the House Judiciary Committee’s Chairman, joined James Comer (R-KY), the House Oversight Committee’s Chairman, in announcing additional subpoenas for Biden to attend a private deposition, according to January 14 reports. Biden repeatedly refused closed meetings, insisting that his statements should be public.

Lawmakers aimed to hold the president’s son accountable for intentionally ignoring a previous subpoena issued by Congress. They were recommending that he be held in contempt, but House Republicans put the plans on pause on January 16 while a date was being set for a private interview. POLITICO reported that according to an unidentified leadership aide, “negotiations” are “underway for [Biden] to comply with the subpoena.” On January 18, it was reported that the president’s son reached a solution with lawmakers and that he would sit for a closed-door deposition on February 28.

Biden’s legal team had recommended that he only testify in a public setting. However, GOP leaders have argued that private meetings are common for their committees, thereby making Biden’s refusal potentially illegal.

Biden is primarily facing these charges: firearm possession while under the influence of drugs and two counts of lying about firearm purchases. His business dealings and tax records are also under investigation. He allegedly lied on a form in 2018 about not using drugs when submitting a background check form to purchase a gun. The statute of limitations on the crime will expire in October.

Republicans have accused President Joe Biden for protecting his son through corrupt methods. Legal analyst Jonathan Turley, who testified at impeachment hearings for presidents Clinton and Trump, recalled President Biden’s demand that participants in the January 6th, 2021 riot be punished for ignoring their subpoenas.

However, Hunter Biden and his legal team said last week that he would agree to comply with subpoenas that are “proper.” They also claimed that the former subpoenas had not been properly voted into approval by Congress before accusing Republicans of hosting a “gotcha political theater.”

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