Body Found in 1986 Finally Identified

Body Found in 1986 Finally Identified

( – A body discovered in 1986 at Crater Lake in Texas has finally been identified.

The remains belong to Clarence Lynn Wilson. He was born in 1952 and lived in Texas City, TX during his time of disappearance.

His body was originally discovered by tourists on August 3, 1986. Someone had tied cement blocks to him with an electrical cable. However, investigators discovered that he was actually killed by multiple gunshots. His body had been discarded in the water after his death.

Investigators were unable to verify his identity at the time. He was described as a man with a slight build ranging in age between 20 and 30. He had names tattooed on his arms, but they did not help investigators discover his identity. He was estimated to weigh 133 lbs. and had pierced his left ear. He was wearing typical men’s clothing.

Investigators exhumed his remains in 2015, hoping advancements in DNA testing would help reveal his identity. His identity still could not be discovered even after forensics specialists used facial approximation.

However, his remains were exhumed again earlier this year after newer, more innovative techniques were discovered in DNA testing. His remains were sent to Othram, a company specializing in identifying the DNA of cold case victims. They used a genealogy assessment to match his DNA with an identity.

Researchers confirmed his identity in October after matching the DNA with relatives living in California. Relatives were contacted before his identity was publicized.

Wilson’s killer still hasn’t been identified. The case has been reopened as the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office asks the public for information that will help identify his killer.

Modern DNA testing has helped authorities identify human remains that have remained unidentified for decades. Authorities are able to solve more crimes that were previously considered cold cases. Earlier this year, they also helped officials identify two previously unknown 9/11 victims the same month as the 22-year anniversary.

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