Biden Admin Presses Pause on New Natural Gas Export Terminals

Biden Admin Presses Pause on new Natural Gas Export Terminals

( – President Joe Biden’s administration is pressing pause on the consideration of new US export terminals for natural gas, citing environmental concerns.

The decision for the delay comes at a time when exports to Asia and Europe are soaring amid Ukraine’s ongoing conflict with Russia. Environmental activists say the exports will permanently lead to a dangerously warmer planet. The administration says the move is in line with Biden’s 2030 climate pledge to slash pollution by half.

In a statement, Biden accused Trump-supporting Republicans of condemning the nation to a “dangerous future” by denying climate concerns. He then called on communities and young voters to join the fight against the energy economy.

However, the White House also acknowledged that the standards for controlling LNG projects fail to consider the financial impact on the American people. Americans have been struggling with inflation over the last few years. However, some recent reports indicate the slowing in the inflation rate is helping voters feel more optimistic.

According to The Associated Press, some industry groups believe the unexpected pauses could give Russia an advantage. However, environmental activist Bill McKibben believes that Republicans will attack the measure so viciously that it will ultimately help Democrats.

The pause is not expected to impact exports that have already been authorized, according to Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s energy secretary. Seven terminals are operating currently, and Granholm said they will continue to operate. She also noted that exceptions are possible in the name of national security.

The United States became the world’s largest exporter of natural gas in January 2022. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drove exports significantly shortly after. Those exports were considered instrumental in the fight against Russia.

API CEO Mike Sommers noted that LNG is a clean fuel that has helped create jobs and lower emissions globally. He called the administration’s move a “broken promise” and said that they need to quit “playing politics” when it comes to global security. According to AP.

The announcement comes during the planned development of a $10 billion LNG project in Louisiana dubbed Calcasieu Pass 2 (CP2). The terminal was set to become the nation’s largest and offered the capacity to produce 20 million tons annually. It promised significant economic developments for the region and nation over the coming years.

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