Biden Admin Announces Leader of AI Safety Institute

Biden Admin Announces Leader of AI Safety Institute

( – President Joe Biden’s administration has appointed one of his White House aides as the head of his newly formed Institute for AI Safety, according to an announcement from the Commerce Department.

Elizabeth Kelly, who helped Biden draft the emergency order that formed the institute as a new wing of the Commerce Department, will serve as its new leader.

Kelly previously served as an economic advisor to the president. She previously worked for President Barack Obama and the bank CapitalOne. She also graduated from Yale Law School.

The new agency comes shortly after the federal government began requiring US companies to test their new AI technologies before releasing them to market. However, they have yet to publish a set of standards by which companies must test their AI developments. The new institute will likely change that.

Kelly will lead the government’s efforts in controlling AI development and innovations in the US. She will work with Dr. Elham Tabassi, who was appointed the institute’s CTO. They claim that their work will promote competition while protecting privacy and employees. They are expected to ensure public safety as AI continues to advance.

AI technologies have gained significant attention in recent years. Google engineer Blake Lemoine even previously claimed that Google’s LaMDA chatbot became sentient. Google has denied the claims. Other platforms like ChatGPT have since gained significant mainstream appeal.

Tech leaders, including billionaire Elon Musk, has repeatedly called for regulations of AI. He has expressed concerns over the dangers of “digital superintelligence.”

However, there have also been concerns that regulations in the US could hinder innovation when compared to nations with lax regulations. As AI makes its way further into more and more industries, those industries work to determine how to best adapt to the rapidly changing landscapes.

The institute hopes to lead the development of AI technologies in the nation and will establish a “red team” in July to test regulatory standards for companies to follow.

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