Authorities Make Huge Narcotics Discovery in San Diego

Authorities Make Huge Narcotics Discovery in San Diego

( – Border Patrol agents discovered a $10 million narcotics shipment in San Diego hidden within jalapeño paste on December 13.

Authorities believed the shipment seemed suspicious and ordered a K-9 unit to investigate. It was then seized and searched after they were tipped off by a K-9. Drug traffickers likely believed the vats of jalapeno would cover the smell of narcotics.

However, the shipment contained so much meth and cocaine that authorities had to wear hazmat suits to properly extract and investigate the materials. The shipment contained nearly 4,000 lbs of illicit substances hidden within 349 packages shoved into dozens of jalapeno vats.

The semi-truck was being driven by a 28-year-old-man. He was a citizen of Mexico with a valid card for border-crossing shipments. His manifest only covered the jalapeno paste. He was arrested by Department of Homeland Security agents. His identity has not been revealed. Customs and Border Patrol agents will process the truck and cargo. The charges against the driver have not yet been announced.

The massive seizure follows a massive trend that has been unfolding along California’s border with Mexico. The US Coast Guard has seized nearly $240 million of cocaine in and near San Diego in November and December. The drugs were discovered during half a dozen different attempted shipments. Most of those shipments originated in Central and South America.

The US Border Patrol has been overwhelmed by drug smuggling attempts in recent years. Last year, a massive bust made headlines after the discovery that fentanyl pills had been disguised to resemble candy. Officials continue to express concern over the possible amount of drug smugglers that escape officials. The pills have since been discovered across the nation.

CBP spokesman Michael Scappechio said during a press conference that the paste would likely be destroyed. According to The LA Times, he noted that his agency wouldn’t hold organic chemicals for “too long” before they were destroyed. He also said the owner could petition to have it returned, but that seems unlikely after it was blended with dangerous drugs.

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