Angry McDonald’s Dispute Turns Deadly

Angry McDonald's Dispute Turns Deadly

( – A Texas attorney was shot and killed after intervening to end a verbal assault on McDonald’s staff in West Houston. The incident happened in a McDonald’s outlet on Interstate 10 near Chimney Rock when an irate customer began swearing at employees. Attempting to de-escalate the row, 46-year-old lawyer Jeffrey Limmer stepped in, but this only angered the customer more.

The argument continued outside the restaurant, and according to police reports, the attorney shoved the angry customer, who fell to the ground. At that point, he went to his car, got a gun, and shot Mr. Limmer. The suspect then fled the scene in a blue pickup truck, and detectives say he is still on the run. He has been identified as Anthony Martin Landry, 57.

The victim’s sister, Jennifer Thomas, said it was typical of her brother to be a Good Samaritan and stand up “for the little guy.” She explained that he lived close to McDonald’s and was a regular customer, so he would have felt the need to come to the aid of staff if they were under attack.

Limmer was an associate at the Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith law firm in Houston, who released a statement describing the attorney as a “hero among us.” The litigation specialist joined the firm in 2019 after graduating from the University of Texas and the South Texas College of Law.

The deadly incident resembled a separate attempted shooting in Florida just weeks earlier. A McDonald’s customer in Zephyrhills became enraged when he did not receive the correct sauce with his order, and a Good Samaritan intervened to calm him down, but Wesley Bullock became even more angry and punched him.

The two left the restaurant, but Bullock reportedly blocked his victim’s exit from the parking lot, pointing a gun at his head. He fired, but his weapon failed to discharge, and a physical struggle ensued. The intended shooting victim took the gun, fled the scene, and called the police.

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