Andrew Tate Ordered To Stay in Romania Amid Trafficking Case

Andrew Tate Ordered To Stay in Romania Amid Trafficking Case

( – A court in Romania has rejected an appeal filed by the legal team for former professional kickboxers and social media influencers Andrew and Tristan Tate to be allowed to leave the country as they await trial for human trafficking charges.

The order was upheld by a court in the capital city of Bucharest on January 30. It continued a 60-day extension handed down on January 18.

The ruling came a month after the Tate brothers sought a temporary emergency visit to the United Kingdom to see their ailing mother. She suffered a heart attack shortly before the Christmas holiday. Romanian courts denied that request as well. Tate accused the Romanian government of deciding “she must be alone at Christmas, if she is alive.”

The Tate brothers were arrested on December 29th, 2022 on human trafficking and rape charges. They spent three months in jail without a conviction. Millions of dollars of their assets were also seized, including luxury cars and watches. They were released into house arrest on March 31st, 2023 after successfully challenging a 30-day extension of their incarceration. They were later granted access to the city of Bucharest, and more recently, the entire nation of Romania. They also successfully petitioned for the return of their assets in January.

Tate has repeatedly denied the allegations. He called the arrest an attack from the “Matrix,” (a metaphor he uses to describe the influence of global elites) during an X interview with Tucker Carlson. He claimed that he is being targeted because he is helping young men wake up and escape the de-masculinization of society. He also said they have failed to produce any credible evidence or victims.

The case against Tate remains in its preliminary stages. A trial date has not been set.

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