3 Men Indicted in Firearms Trafficking Case

3 Men Indicted in Firearms Trafficking Case

(RepublicanView.org) – Three California men have been indicted by a federal jury on serious charges relating to gun trafficking.

The men, Donnie Hicks, 33, McCael Marshall, 34, Wendell Moton, 33, were charged after allegedly attempting to sell a fully automatic machine gun online. The supposed client was actually an undercover police officer. Authorities stopped and apprehended the men as they were allegedly driving to the meeting location. According to the US Attorney’s Office, Moton, who had previously run from police, had another gun with him at the time. A conviction could mean a fifteen year prison sentence and $250,000 fine for each suspect.

The arrests eventually came after investigations from the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces. The organization’s mission is to find, stop, and put a stop to prolific organized crime by combining resources and working with multiple agencies. The suspects are being prosecuted under new policies that were passed as part of the Safer Communities Act, a law that received bipartisan support. It was enacted in 2022 to fight trafficking and end the straw-purchasing of guns.

The case was part of a joint effort between Operation Gridlock and Project Safe Neighborhoods. Operation Gridlock was formed by Fresno’s police department in October 2023 to combat the city’s most dangerous gangs. During the operation, authorities arrested over 30 people and confiscated 59 weapons. Officials said it was a success that made the city a safer place to live.

Project Safe Neighborhoods was an effort started by the Department of Justice in 2001. The goal was to partner with local police departments across the nation to combine resources in fighting violent crimes. It also sought to learn from existing cases in better fighting future crimes. Additionally, officials hoped the program would help improve community trust while supporting local organizations dedicated to preventing crime before it happens.

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