3 California Democratic Candidates Moving on to General Election

3 California Democratic Candidates Moving on to General Election

(RepublicanView.org) – Three Democratic candidates will be facing off for a single Congressional seat in the general election after a historic tie in California.

The three Democrats were certified by election officials in California on April 4. Two candidates, Evan Low, an assembly member, and Joe Simitian, currently serving as the supervisor for Santa Clara County, each received 30,249 votes. Sam Liccardo, who previously served as San Jose’s mayor, was the frontrunner with 38,489 votes. Low called it a special “Tie” day on X while wearing a purple tie.

He and Simitan announced they would not demand a recount of the votes. Doing so could have cost them over $300,000. California doesn’t automatically recount votes, although voters in the state can request one if they cover the cost.

The candidates are competing for the seat currently held by Democrat Anna Eshoo. The 81-year-old announced her retirement in November of 2023. She had spent 30 years serving in Congress. Eshoo endorsed Simitian to replace her as eight other candidates competed for her seat.

Democrats have been pouring large amounts of campaign money in the blue stronghold. They have spent $27 million on television commercials and online ads. It was also revealed that House Majority PAC has reserved $146 million for television ads across the country, along with $40 million in digital ads.

The winner will be representing Silicon Valley. However, KQED called the election “unpredictable” as they struggle to determine the most likely candidate to win in November. Katie Merrill, a political strategist, believes one candidate could easily pull ahead by seeming neutral while two others engage in an intense fight for the race.

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