New Documents Concerning Epstein Unsealed

New Documents Concerning Epstein Unsealed

( – A slew of documents related to a case surrounding the high-profile pedophile Jeffrey Epstein detail his victims, clients, and recruitment methods.

Reports surfaced on January 3 of newly-released documents that detailed several visitors to Epstein’s island, a place where women and children were trafficked. The documents mentioned the names of several a-list celebrities and high-profile politicians, including Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. The government officials listed span across party lines.

The list of associates, witnesses, and victims mentioned in the case was made public after Virginia Giuffre, one of Epstein’s victims, sued to have the documents unsealed. She previously alleged that Prince Andrew abused her while visiting Epstein’s estate. The two settled outside of court.

Prince Andrew and the royal family vehemently denied the allegations despite the settlement. However, journalist Amy Robach claimed on a hot microphone that her network, ABC News, had been threatened “a million different ways” by the palace over an anticipated story about the allegations. She also said that her team had enough evidence to publish the story years before Epstein’s arrest. According to her, they believed that it would’ve been enough to implicate former president Clinton.

Officials have noted that not every person listed is suspected of illegal behavior. The list is also broad and details most of Epstein’s associates and even some victims, not just his direct clients.

According to the documents, teenage girls were often solicited for jobs as masseuses. They claimed that no one told them about potential sexual acts or encounters. However, they were often offered money to invite their friends. Most of them had no experience giving massages.

The full range of documents was released over the course of the last week, with the final batch being unsealed on January 9. The most recent documents named RFK Jr., who was allegedly a guest of Epstein’s, accused Clinton of threatening Vanity Fair away from writing about Epstein, provided photos of Ghislaine Maxwell and young girls involved in the case, and more.

The courts gave anyone who believed they were named on the list an opportunity to have themselves redacted through an appeal. Many of the people listed were already well-known associates of Epstein.

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