Man Charged With Threatening US Lawmaker

Man Charged With Threatening US Lawmaker

( – A 72-year-old Florida man has been charged with threatening to kill California Congressman Eric Swalwell and his family. Police say Michael Shapiro allegedly left several threatening messages on the lawmaker’s phone in December, including, “I’m gonna come after you and kill you,” and “I’m gonna kill your children.” Swalwell was not named in court documents, but he publicly confirmed he was the target.

In a statement, Swalwell said there is no place for violence in American politics and differences must be resolved at the ballot box. He declared his intention to protect his family and staff, while also promising to not let the threats “stop me from representing my constituents.”

In his phone calls, Mr. Shapiro also referred to the Congressman as a “Chinese spy” and mentioned the name “Fang Fang.” This refers to a scandal that engulfed Swalwell in 2020 when it emerged that a communist spy named Christine Fang had attached herself to his campaigns, and rumors of a sexual relationship between them made it to Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show.

When the FBI informed Swalwell of Fang’s identity, he cut ties with her and it is believed that she then left the country. The House Ethics Committee concluded its investigation into the issue last year, but by that time, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had already removed Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee as a security concern.

The California Rep. posted some of the threatening phone calls to his Twitter account, and received sympathy and good wishes from many responders. Swalwell also isn’t the only lawmaker to have been threatened recently. For example, Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene was threatened just before Christmas, and a prank call was made to police directing them to her address.

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