Judge Orders Release of Names of Individuals Related To Epstein Case

Judge Orders Release of Names of Epstein Associates

(RepublicanView.org) – Senior Judge Loretta A. Preska of the District Court for New York’s Southern District has ordered the release of the names of around 150 individuals related to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

The ruling, totaling 51 pages, calls for the disclosure of the identities of individuals mentioned in Epstein-related legal documents. The documents pertain to a case brought forth by one of Epstein’s alleged victims, and the list is expected to include witnesses, employees, victims, and other individuals directly or indirectly involved with the scandal.

The names are scheduled to be released next month, although AP News reports that the majority of the names set to be released are already public. Anyone whose name may appear on the list may appeal the decision by January 1. The names were originally sealed after a defamation lawsuit that was filed by Virginia Giuffre, an associate of Maxwell who is currently serving in prison for her crimes with Epstein.

Loretta noted that dozens of his associates have already been outed publicly. Additionally, many of the individuals named never objected to the documents’ release. The judge also ordered the names of people who were children at the time to remain sealed.

Epstein faced multiple charges stemming from financial fraud and child sexual abuse. Several of his known high-profile associates include former presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump.

Senator Marsha Blackbrun (R-GA) issued a subpoena last month for flight logs to Epstein’s island. At least a dozen children were known to be victimized there. Blackburn noted that these crimes merited further investigation of those who visited the island. No announcements have been published about whether those listed will be investigated for their ties to Epstein.

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